Dallas Cowboys: Zack Martin has hyper extended knee

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The Dallas Cowboys had a rough night on Saturday as several big-name players ended up on the injury report. Here is an update.

The Dallas Cowboys got a pretty big scare on Saturday as their elite starter Zack Martin suffered a knee injury during the second quarter of their Week Two preseason matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Martin was seen limping off of the field after taking a helmet to his left knee. While the play itself looked pretty minor the impact could have been massive. Here is the latest on Martin and his injury status. 

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The Dallas Cowboys can take a big sigh of relief as the team got good news on Sunday. The results of Martin’s MRI came back and it appears the Pro Bowler has no structural or ligament damage to his knee.

This would’ve have been obvious though as any ligament/structural damage would require a brace which was something that Martin was not wearing on the sidelines after his injury.

Shortly after leaving the medical tent/field he returned from the locker room in street clothes and seemed to be joking around with the rest of the offensive line. For every fan and member of Cowboys nation that was a welcome sight but did nothing to quiet the anxiety behind the situation.

So far this has probably been the most stressful 24 hours of the offseason/preseason for this team as we are left wondering, why should starters have to play so much during preseason? Getting players warmed up and ready for Week One is definitely important however persevering the health of your stars has to be paramount during these meaningless contests.

Martin was injured early in the second quarter and while he was not on the field deep into the second quarter the Cowboys could have been a bit more cautious with their newly paid offensive guard. Heading into the third preseason game, the Dallas Cowboys are usually preparing for their dress rehearsal for the regular season however maybe the team should revise their strategy.

With the number of serious injuries we have seen so far this preseason and the scare that Dallas just experienced, maybe it is time to limit how long the starters are in for especially now that Travis Frederick and Martin will miss the next two games. Getting an extended look at Ezekiel Elliott or Dak Prescott while two of the Dallas Cowboys best offensive linemen are out would not be the smartest idea.

If Jason Garrett believes that playing his starting offense as it is in its current state is a wise decision we really have to begin to question his decision making. Realistically Dak or Zeke should not be on the field at all while starting offensive linemen are out.

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The Dallas Cowboys need to rest their starting unit on both sides of the football as injuries are becoming far to common so early in the season.

  • Published on 08/19/2018 at 21:11 PM
  • Last updated at 08/19/2018 at 21:11 PM