Pair of star goalies are the Dallas Stars biggest advantage

Ben Bishop #30 and Anton Khudobin #35 of the Dallas Stars (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ben Bishop #30 and Anton Khudobin #35 of the Dallas Stars (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Stars biggest advantage as they head into the playoffs resides in their net.

The Dallas Stars are abnormally equipped to thrive in the postseason this year. Not only are they in an ideal position as a top team heading into the round robin, but the Dallas Stars also have an advantage in arguably the most important position on the ice – the goal.

The Dallas Stars are fortunate to have two of the best goalies in the NHL on their side. Not only from a pure depth perspective, but also in sheer talent. Lead goaltender Ben Bishop led the NHL in save percentage last season   Backing him up in net is Anton Khudobin who’s no slouch himself. He exits the “break” with the best save percentage this season. Khudobin’s not just the best backup in the NHL, but he’s arguably one of the best overall goalies from a numbers perspective.

Together the pair have given the Dallas Stars the best defense in the league, only giving up 2.52 goals against per game. One cannot understate the importance of this dynamic duo. The goalie position in the NHL is an exhausting one; both from a physical and from a mental side of things. In the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it’s often the team with the hottest goaltender that sees the most success.

No position has the ability to single-handedly dictate a game than the goalie. And having two elite players capable of dominating against the very best, doesn’t just help the Dallas Stars here down the stretch, but it minimizes risk and it maximizes reward.

For instance, most teams would be absolutely doomed if their top goaltender lost his groove and/or fell to injury. Back-up goalies are typically ill-equipped to take over night after night in the playoffs. Backups are there in case of emergency or to lighten the workload here and there. They aren’t expected to be a “strength”.

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In Dallas, backup goalie is a strength. If Ben Bishop goes cold or falls to injury, the Dallas Stars have no problem turning to their No. 2. In fact, Dallas finds themselves in the situation where a regular rotation between the two makes sense. Doing so will keep Bishop fresh and Dobby in a groove and at the ready.

This season’s numbers aren’t fools gold for Khudobin either. Last year he posted an equally impressive .923 save percentage playing some pretty critical games and a higher-than-average workload for a No. 2 goalie. What he lacks in postseason experience he makes up for in overall experience and consistent performance night in and night out.

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The Dallas Stars have two of the best goalies in the NHL on their team and if they use them wisely they’ll find they give them a decided advantage in the Stanley Cup Playoffs