Dak-less Dallas Cowboys may be the worst team in the NFL

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Minus a handful of starters and playing horrendously, the Dallas Cowboys may just be the worst team in the NFL

There’s no mystery as to what the worst division in football is. At a combined record of 7-20, the NFC East has the worst win percentage in the league. The closest division to that is the AFC East with a 10-16 record.  The horrifying reality that’s slowly seeping into our consciousness is the realization that our beloved Dallas Cowboys are the worst team in the entire NFL.

That case was laid out for the jury to consider Sunday afternoon in Washington. Dallas thundered into town with a whimper, showing utter disinterest in the sport of football, and handing their oldest rival their second win of the season and ownership of second place in the NFC Least.

Sure, at 2-5 the Dallas Cowboys are less than a game away from first place. But anyone watching the game can see the ‘Boys are lightyears away from the crown they were once expected to claim. As we explained yesterday, there’s absolutely zero hope to be found this season.

Dak Prescott is gone for the year. Like Tony Romo in years past, Prescott had a way of propping the team up and disguising mistakes/ineptitude elsewhere. And like those Romo years, the Dallas Cowboys are completely and utterly exposed without their QB1 under center this year.

The Dallas Cowboys we saw three weeks ago is nothing like the Dallas Cowboys we see today. When they had Dak Prescott and a semblance of an offensive line, there was hope. Dallas could still move the ball as good as anyone in the league. If they could cut down on their league-leading turnovers they could beat anyone. Maybe that would even spark the underachieving defense too.

But without Dak, and with the offensive line situation getting worse by the day, the offense is doomed.  Since Andy Dalton took over the Cowboys have only mustered 13 points this season. Not exactly a “blessing in disguise”, huh Dungy?

Dallas may not win another game this season. I’ll say it again, Dallas may not win another game this season. There’s no way Dallas would have come back against the Falcons with the roster of today. There’s no way they beat the Giants if Andy Dalton had to start the game and New York got to prepare for him. The Dallas Cowboys would be winless right now if this was their roster from the jump.

The Jets, widely considered the worst team in the NFL this year, are the last winless team in the league this season. But a case can be made even they are better than Dallas at this point. Over the last 20 games the Jets and Cowboys are both 7-13. But the Jets beat Dallas last season, owning the tiebreaker of terrible.

The Dallas Cowboys have star-powered names but they don’t have a whole lotta actual stars. Perceived stars on defense are missing tackles, missing assignments, missing plays. It’s physical, mental, and effort that’s hurting them. That’s not likely to suddenly change this season as things continue their downward spiral.

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The offense is too banged up to offer any hope. OT play is abysmal and with Tyron Smith and La’el Collins out for the year, that won’t change. Even if Andy Dalton somehow finds the time to throw the ball past the sticks (less than 5 pass completions past the sticks in his two starts), can he cover up all of the chronic issues across this team? I don’t think so.

And what if Ben DiNucci has to play again? Do we really expect the rookie to be better than Dalton at any point in his first year?

The Dallas Cowboys are historically bad on defense and week after week give opponents season-best performances. Do the opponents step up and play their best when they face the Cowboys or is the problem the Cowboys themselves? I think you know the answer to that.

The Dallas Cowboys could very well be the worst team in the NFL. Even when healthy, a case could be made they were one of the worst over the last 20 games. Now that they’re decimated and unmotivated, I’d be hard-pressed to find someone worse. I mean, at least Daniel Jones was able to break free before he tripped over nothing. Dallas can’t even do that.

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Tanking isn’t a debate worth having because the Dallas Cowboys may just be the worst team in the league at this point.

  • Published on 10/27/2020 at 13:52 PM
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