Dallas Cowboys: Five free agent players that must be re-signed

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Priority number one for the Dallas Cowboys should be signing Dak Prescott. Dak has proven that he is valuable to their offense. After Dak went down with his ankle injury, the Cowboys went through three different starting quarterbacks and not one of them produced even close to Dak.

Now the hard part comes in the negotiation process. Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott need to sit down and find some common ground. Dallas wants him and he wants to be in a Cowboys uniform.

What is Dak Prescott worth? Before his injury, he was worth paying him whatever he wanted (or close to that amount). After his injury, Dak has to consider both sides of the deal.

He has to understand that the Dallas Cowboys are taking all the risk. The Cowboys do not know how well Dak’s ankle will hold up. They also don’t know if it will impact Dak on the field until he makes his first few starts.

If Jerry Jones and the Cowboys approach the negotiations the same way, they could all agree on short term deal.

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That would give Dak Prescott a feeling of security and it would give the Cowboys a little roster security before they re-sign him to a long term deal. A short term deal would ensure his ankle is ok and that would make everyone feel better.

Dak Prescott wants security and a short term deal that would turn into a long term deal may be the best way to go. Dallas may not want to push for that 5-year deal they’ve been so hung up on.