Dallas Mavericks: Is Jalen Brunson the future starting point-guard?

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Rick Carlisle is no stranger to switching up the starting line-up from time to time. The Dallas Mavericks still have questions about their front-court, so could there be changes coming within the backup court?

Currently,  Luka Doncic is doing All-Star caliber things at the point position. Some areas he is struggling though include his amount of turnovers and his field-goal percentage. The current guard is averaging 4.2 turnovers per game. In his last game against the Boston Celtics, Luka had three turnovers, and prior to that against Memphis, he had four.

For his career he has averaged around 3.9 and the number has seemed to increase since his was transitioned into the point-guard position.

Jalen Brunson could be a solution to the Dallas Mavericks at PG

Compare that to Brunson who is averaging 1.3 turnovers. Yes, we all know his minutes are not as high, but he does an excellent job placing the ball into his teammate’s hands. Against Boston on Tuesday night, the young guard had two turnovers in just 30 minutes. While that is only one less than Luka, his numbers per game are still significantly low.

We all know that Luka Doncic is set as the guard of the future, but could Carlisle moved Brunson in place with Luka?

Another area Brunson excels at is his assists game. On February 12th against New Orleans, he had seven assists and before that, he had tallied five and six assists in games prior. While his assists numbers are significantly lower than Luka’s, his ability to find the other man could be key in helping the All-Star guard get his shooting groove back.

Luka is currently shooting 45 percent from the field and 32 percent from behind the arc. His long-range shots have been par at best this season. This is where Brunson might  come in. Having Luka transition into the two-spot and Brunson take over the point reigns could actually work.

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This season, Brunson has demonstrated the ability to drive in the paint and score off fast-break opportunities. His quickness and accuracy would take the pressure off Luka and allow him to move into a spot up role. Meaning Brunson would be able to feed Luka for open shots. Having Brunson feed Luka would not only give him more opportunities, but it could actually help with his shooting percentage.

Just look back at his game-winner against Boston. There is no question that Luka is a spot-up shooter. Now imagine Luka hitting ten more of those because he has someone feeding him those shots.

In his last five games Brunson has been on fire. He is averaging 17.2 points per game and adding on 4.2 assists. Don’t forget tp mention his 44 percent shooting from three. Given the time and opportunities, the possibilities could be endless for Brunson and the Mavs.

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We all know Luka Magic is here to stay for a long time, but could Brunson Mania soon be on the way? It may not look like such a bad idea.