Dallas Mavericks: Can Luka Magic put the Mavs over the top?

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Behold, Luka Magic. When third year All-Star Luka Doncic sank that game-winning three to steal a Dallas Mavericks victory from the more deserving Memphis Grizzlies, all MFFL’s could do was shake their heads and smile.

Luka’s improbable shot saved the Dallas Mavericks from suffering their third consecutive loss. It may have also revived a deflated team more fixated on the unfairness of the new playoff format than they are in wining games and avoiding it altogether.

Luka Doncic has the ability to spark this whole Dallas Mavericks organization at the most critical time

This week, the Dallas Mavericks have been in the news more for their comments than for their play. The NBA’s new playoff format this year features a play-in of sort. The 7th and 8th seed play each other to secure a spot in the playoffs. Winner advances to become the official 7th seed while the loser has to play the winner of the 9th and 10th seed matchup.

It’s great if you’re that 9th or 10th seed but it’s pretty terrible if you’re the 7th or 8th seed. Guess where the Dallas Mavericks are?

The Mavs are stuck in 7th right now and their little losing streak wasn’t helping. The tragedy of the situation was showing itself in the Mavs body language and play on Wednesday night. Nearly everyone came out sluggish and even Doncic himself looked poor early on.

But after a four-point first half, Doncic pulled himself out of it, scoring 25 of his 29 points in the second half. When he got the ball with just 1.8 seconds on the clock he had a chance to spark this deflated Mavs squad back to life. Perhaps that’s what just happened.

According to ESPN Stats and Info, Luka is just the fourth player in Mavs history with multiple game winning buzzer-beaters and first Mav to do it twice from deep.

This is becoming commonplace and he’s only been in the league three seasons. The magic is real but will it help the team going forward?

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If it can light a fire down this critical stretch it sure can. The sixth seed in within striking distance (1 game back) and the Mavs can make things a whole lot easier on themselves if they can just move up a spot. Not only does the sixth seed secure a higher seed and a place in the real playoffs, but it offers rest while the play-in tournament plays out.

Last season the defining characteristic of the Dallas Mavericks was their inability to win in clutch situations. They were abysmal in close games, frankly, defying odds. If this spark could catch on wit the entire team – not just in renewed energy but also in clutch moments, it could huge in the Mavs ability to take the next step.

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Luka Magic. Gotta love it.