Dallas Mavericks: 3 steps to keeping Luka Doncic in Dallas

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Mavericks have gone through a series of transitional phrases these last couple of days. First it was the departure of former General Manager Donnie Nelson, then it was the resignation of Head Coach Rick Carlisle.

Many fans are now wondering, where does the team come from here? And how does this affect the team’s long-term goals?

Now the team has an even bigger concern: How does owner Marc Cuban and company save the face of the franchise?

With so many changes coming to Dallas, the team now must do everything it can to save Luka Doncic.

Here are a couple of ways to keep Doncic happy in a Mavs’ uniform:

1. Find a head coach who understands star Luka Doncic

The biggest key this offseason, will be finding a coach who understands Doncic, and can help him grow as a player. While it is really difficult to pinpoint the answer to just one person, there are a couple of top candidates that come to mind.

The first person to highlight the position is Mavericks’ Assistant Coach Jamahl Mosley. Mosley has an excellent reputation with Doncic. It has been stated that the Mavs’ star thinks highly of him and there is no doubt he would love the team’s assistant to take over the head coaching spot. Another coach that comes to mind is former Mav Jason Kidd.

Kidd would be an excellent candidate who could push Doncic to the next level. His high basketball IQ and ability to connect with players would fit perfect within the Mavericks’ rotation.

2. Sign top free-agents

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Besides finding a new GM and head coach, the Dallas Mavericks must sign top free-agent. This is another concept that will be important to having Doncic back on board. While players like Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul, may be long-shots, having a second option with Doncic is going to be crucial.

Players like DeMar DeRozan and Tim Hardaway Jr. are top players who can relieve the scoring pressure off the Mavs’ star. Both guards having the capability to hit open shots and score at least 18 points per game, if not more.

Other players like Kyle Lowry and Lonzo Ball will be important pieces who can helps create open opportunities for Doncic. There is no doubt about it, the next general manager will play an important role in signing crafty free-agents who can make an immediate impact.

3. Figure out the KP situation

One big thing the team must figure out, is how to handle the Kristaps Porzingis situation. Handling the KP dilemma will be a true concept to keeping Doncic happy. The Mavs must finalize whether KP is a true part of the team’s future and his presence will affect Doncic’s long-term ability.

While it is unknow how Doncic and Porzingis relationship pans out, figuring out if they can coexist will be important for everyone.

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Marc Cuban and friends have an important task this offseason: keep Luka Doncic happy at all cost. The answers seem simple, but it will be up to Mavs’ organization to do their part.