Dallas Mavericks: 3 Optimal GM/Coaching duos for the Mavs

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Dallas Mavericks GM Coaching Combo No.3

Becky Hammon and Shane Battier

If Mark Cuban really wants to mix things up, bringing in Shane Battier and Becky Hammon is the way to go. Shane Battier, the former director of basketball development and analytics in Miami, is one of the brightest young minds in the NBA right now.

At age 42, he’s not far removed from the game and is still relatable to this generation of NBA players. The former Duke alum has been learning in one of the top front offices in the league and seems to be on the cusp of breaking through as a GM.

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Battier is a top analytics mind who will not only embrace and accept Mark Cuban’s direction, but challenge it to be better. Having a leader with nerd qualities AND actual applied experience is the optimal direction to go at GM and could make for a more balanced and accepted approach in decision making.

Pairing someone like Battier with Becky Hammon isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Even though Hammon learned under old school coach, Greg Popovich, doesn’t mean she’s resistant to the new NBA. In fact, the NBA’s resident angry old man isn’t as anti-progressive as he looks…

Pop has always been willing to adapt in some regard. And he’s supported his assistants to think for themselves without aggressive micromanagement. There’s really no reason to think a rising star like Hammon would hold old school views on the game.

Like Battier, she’s a former professional player who’s young and relatable. Like Battier, she’s ultra-intelligent and well respected around the league. And like Battier, she’s about to breakout in a big way with someone – it might as well be with the Mavs.

No one is going to strong arm this pair.

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What do you think MFFL’s? Am I overthinking the idea of bringing in a well-fitting and cohesive pair? Should we worry less about the fit and try to get the most attractive candidates possible instead? Which duo do you like the most, or better yet, what duo would you add to the candidate pool?