Dallas Mavericks: New coach signings point to early success

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The Dallas Mavericks coaching gurus are starting to take shape this season, as the team surprised fans with the recent hiring of former NBA player Jared Dudley.

Like coach Jason Kidd, Dudley joins a staff full of former basketball players. Other NBA veterans include Darrell Armstrong, JJ Barea, Kristi Toliver and God Shammgod.

With a coaching staff full of well-known names, only one question remains:

Can Jason Kidd and company lead the Dallas Mavericks down the pathway to success?

Let’s start with coach Kidd. We all know about his primary start with the Brooklyn Nets. Kidd was hired to lead a team of washed up veterans. Soon after, his real coaching career  started to flourish in Milwaukee. In three and a half seasons with the Bucks, he led the team to two playoff appearances and one series win.

While the Bucks have thus improved since his departure, much of their dominant success is attributed to Kidd.

The main problem? The former Mavericks point guard has never been give a try opportunity.

In Brooklyn, everyone was way beyond their prime. In Milwaukee, they were basically  underdeveloped, and in Dallas? Well only time can tell.

Having a player such as Luka Doncic, will be beneficial as Kidd will finally have someone just hitting their strides and for the Mavs’ guard, it will allow him to learn the game from one of the greatest.

While he has been described as difficult at times, I do believe he wants nothing but the best from his players.

Fast forward to Kidd’s bench.

There is so much to look forward too as well.

First off, who doesn’t love the signing of Igor Kokoskov. His mindset for the game is something that stands out. Back in 2017, he coached a Slovenia team led by Doncic, to a gold medal in the Euro Basketball League. His connection to the current Mav is what stands out. Also, who wouldn’t want a veteran who has been around the game more than 19 seasons.

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Another signing that I love is the addition of WNBA player Kristi Toliver. Her mentality is something that stands out. She is a 2-time champion who has a killer instinct. Have you seen her buzz beaters? One thing she can add to the team is identity. I believe she can help the Mavs find what establishes them from the rest.

One other key acquisition was Greg St.Jean. The former Lakers’ assistant worked hand in hand with Kidd and hopes to do the same in Dallas.

A key aspect that stands out about St.Jean is his ability to distance himself from the rest of the pack. He is someone who is always willingly to learn and adapt to the game itself.

His family background in coaching is something that inspired him.

St.Jean has done a great job of developing players through his constant encouragement and mindful practices. Look for him to do the same in Dallas, as young players like Josh Green and Tyrell Terry could really benefit from a coach like him.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg for Kidd and his crew.

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If you really break down each coach, they are provide something different in their own way. So, I do believe they could be more than just a name on paper.

Look for plenty of players to develop under their new management.