No Jalen Brunson, No problem for the Dallas Mavericks

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The Dallas Mavericks lost their second-leading scorer Jalen Brunson to the New York Knicks and received nothing in return. Many media personalities described the loss as a “tough blow” and even poorly ranked the team’s offseason.

Four weeks ago, ESPN’s Kevin Pelton graded the Mavs’ offseason with a “D,” explaining that the team choose not to replace Brunson, and instead decided to invest their money in veteran JaVale McGee. The synopsis goes on to say that Dallas already has a crowded frontcourt.

Many are wondering how the Dallas Mavericks will do this season without Jalen Brunson

While losing Brunson was tough, the team should be, what does Kendrick Lamar say “Be Alright.” Here are three reasons why:

1. Variety of Scoring

One highlight of the Dallas Mavericks offseason was the acquisition of versatile center Christian Wood. Last season he averaged 17. points, including three double-doubles. The year before he dropped in 21 points and 9.6 rebounds. His ability to shoot from the 3-point line stands out, as he shot 39 percent from the arc. His ability to score from all angles of the court makes him one of the most unique centers in the league.

Another scorer Dallas will rely on is Tim Hardaway Jr. Last season, he missed 34 games, including 18 playoff appearances. Before the injury, he was averaging 14.2 points on 39.4 percent shooting. Not bad for a player who was having an off year. During December he averaged 16. points, while shooting 41.1 percent.

Having their shooting guard back, and an offensive big man should do wonders for Dallas, as it will allow them to score from a variety of places.

2. Improved Frontcourt

The playoffs made it pretty clear that the Mavs lacked help down low. Against the Golden Warriors Warriors, Dallas was outrebounded 234-177. Center Kevon Looney had his way in the series, as he tallied 53 boards.

Fast forward to now, and the team traded for Wood and signed McGee. Both are huge upgrades. Over the past two seasons, Wood has averaged 9.6 rebounds or more. He does an excellent job using his presence down low to make his status known. As for McGee, he can a bit of everything. Last season, he averaged 6.9 rebounds in 16 minutes.

With two new additions, the hope is that the Mavs solved their big man woes.

3. New and Improved Luka Doncic

Over the past couple of seasons, Doncic was shown up “overweight.” This summer though, he looks slim and in shape, as he has been training with Slovenian trainer Anze Macek. Viewers have taken notice too.

For Slovenia this summer, he is averaging 28.4 points. Two days ago, Doncic dropped in a double-double, putting in 25 points and 11 rebounds.

If Doncic can continue his offensive progress into this season, Dallas should have no trouble competing in the Western Conference.

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