Can the Dallas Cowboys right the ship or will it sink?

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports /

After the Dallas Cowboys laid an egg in the season opener where Dak Prescott got injured, there is concern around Cowboys Nation that the season is over. While there are still sixteen more games to go, the concerns are somewhat justified at the moment.

The offensive line is a disaster, the wide receivers are lacking, the run defense was inconsistent, and the play-calling was suspicious. The front office came out today and say they were going to keep rolling with what they have and that they have to execute better.

The main issue is the offensive talent (defense has some minor issues, but for now we will talk offense) is lacking at almost every level. With Cooper Rush now starting, Conner McGovern out for a few weeks, and help not coming yet, there are questions if they can right the ship. The answer is they can, but will they is the big doubtful part.

With the Dallas Cowboys, 2022 season already in the balance is there a way to right the ship before it is mathematically over? Probably not, but let’s try.

The first issue we look at is the offensive line. The only real big bright spot was Zack Martin, of course. However, Tyler Smith looked okay for chunks of the game. It was his late coming off the snap that ended up allowing the pressure that got Dak Prescott injured, but there were flashes for sure.

To fix the offensive line it is going to take some shuffling and perhaps a player from the outside. With Jason Peters working his way into playing, moving Smith to guard should help on the left side. The right tackle spot could be addressed outside of the organization if they so choose, but the pickings are slim. This would at least patchwork the line into a better unit as they limp through the season.

At receiver, the answers are going to be harder to come by. There are few viable free agents left, so a trade might be the answer to fixing the issues. CeeDee Lamb got double and triple covered and even when Michael Gallup returns won’t give the boost the team is looking for.

Finding ways to incorporate more motion to get guys open will help, but the offensive line has to block better. Instead of going light at wide receiver, like Tolbert being inactive, go long and find guys who could get a “hot hand”. It won’t solve the overall issue, but it could help as the season goes on.

The biggest issues surround the front office and coaching staff. While there could be some shuffling with the staff, they are not going to get a new coach externally. For those wanting Sean Payton next year, I will remind you that the Saints own his right for two more years so you will have to trade picks and give up money to get him. That, of course, is if the Saints allow the Cowboys to speak with him in the first place. We know how the front office feels about giving up draft picks.

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The one thing that will not change is the front office. They are the biggest issue with this team as they just do not seem to learn from their mistakes and are way more reactive than proactive when it comes to roster building. Until they have changed, it is doubtful the Cowboys can right the ship. We still have sixteen games, all we can do is watch.

  • Published on 09/13/2022 at 11:30 AM
  • Last updated at 09/13/2022 at 11:30 AM