Dallas Cowboys stand 4-2 and in prime position for a run

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If I would have told you before the season started, the Dallas Cowboys were going to start the year 4-2, you probably would have taken it and not looked back. If you’ll remember, the Cowboys were working with handful of self-educed obstacles on their roster. Great things were not expected early from this team.

Think about it: With Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson gone, and Michael Gallup recovering, they were without three of their top-four WRs. Tyron Smith’s preseason injury coupled with the loss of La’el Collins, meant they were down a starter at tackle and had zero proven depth to replace him on the roster. And the interior O-line, which struggled last season, was left untouched and simply asked to just be better.

Frankly, when you consider this,  and that the bulk of their difficult opponents came early on the schedule, it was all shaping up to be a recipe for disaster early in the season.

The shinning light in the whole thing was having Dak Prescott under center. As long as the Dallas Cowboys had their franchise signal-caller, they could hang with anyone. Even so, I quietly predicted the Cowboys to start the season 2-4 (but still make the playoffs) and considered any prediction above.500, unabashed homerism.

When Dak went down in their week one loss, my pessimistic prediction seemed all but assured. We saw what the Cowboys have looked like without Dak in the past, and unless the defense and special teams could suddenly step up and carry their own weight, the 2022 season was destined to be a bust.

The Dallas Cowboys started the 2022 season FAR better than anyone predicted and now enter the easy part of the schedule, primed for a run.

The Dallas Cowboys stand 4-2, with the defense playing the best they have in decades and special teams playing like an asset instead of the liability everyone predicted. Dak Prescott is set to return this week and the easiest part of the schedule lies ahead.

These are nice waters to be wadding in.

This was always the part of the schedule the Dallas Cowboys were supposed to make up ground. And with Dak Prescott back, that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

The temptation is to look at the standings in the NFC East and think about the latest loss. While this certainly complicates things for winning the division, the Cowboys are only 2.5 back and still play the Eagles and Giants again.

A lot can happen in the next 11 games so don’t dwell on the division standings.

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The teams that start hot are rarely the best teams come-what playoff time. It’s the teams that get on a roll down the stretch that have the most success every year and that’s exactly what the Dallas Cowboys are primed to do.