Dallas Mavericks one-dimensional ways continue

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Over the past two games, the Dallas Mavericks have gone from hot to not. During the month of November, the team went on a three game winning streak beating clubs such as the first place Utah Jazz and Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets.

However, against the Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards this week, Dallas has struggled to find that same spark..

Some key struggles include the Dallas Mavericks inability to out shot their opponents, and the yearly long rebounding battle. For example, Wednesday afternoon against Orlando, Dallas shot just 37.6 percent from the field, and was outrebounded by 20.

The Dallas Mavericks are a flawed one-dimensional team right now and it shows

Against the Wizards, the rebounding woes continued as the team lost the board battle by 11. Other concerns included Dallas’ free throw shooting, as Luka Doncic and company made 13 of their 21 attempts.

So what has gone? Why has Dallas struggled against teams lower than them?

There is a variety of reasons that can be attributed to the team’s recent struggles. One main one is the absence of big man Christian Wood. In nine games this season, the Mavs’ new six man is averaging 15.6 points and 7.8 rebounds. With his absence though, Dallas has struggled  to obtain any sort of boards.

Against the Wizards, Doncic and Dwight Powell were the only two Mavs to manage more than seven rebounds.

Along with that, the bench has been a no-show. Against the Magic Wednesday, the team’s bench combined for 24 points. Together, they made 10 out of their 24 attempts.

It is clear, that Dallas misses having their big man on the floor.

Other struggles include the team’s Jalen Brunson dilemma. So  far this season, the Mavs have had a hard time finding someone to replace what Brunson had to offer. In the starting lineup, Spencer Dinwiddie has done an excellent job replacing the void the former Knick left behind.

This season, the 6’6 guard is averaging 16.9 points. On Thursday night, he dropped in 33 points, while shooting 11-17 from the field. The night before, his scoring trend continued, as he tallied 29 points.

Yet even with his success, the team can’t seem to replace his production off the bench last season. Tim Hardaway Jr. was expected to be that guy Dallas need to fill in for Brunson’s offensive production. However his inconsistent shooting is hurting his cause.

Over the past five games, he has scored three, six, 11, five and, 16 points. This is not good for a player expected to take that next step with the team.

One final struggle is the scoring production from Doncic. Over the past two games, Luka has scored 24 and 22 points. This marginally different than what fans are use too, as he was scoring 30 plus points. Some key notes include his 34.55 percent from the court, and his 27.85 shooting from the three point line.

Getting their all-star back on track, is something Dallas desperately needs.

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While the season is still young, the Dallas Mavericks must find other to win games, besides relying so much on Doncic. If they can figure out how to be more than one dimensional, then things should be alright.