3 New Year’s resolutions for the Dallas Stars

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Fresh off a west coast road trip, the Dallas Stars are almost half way through the season. It’s been a good season so far for Dallas as well. Currently sitting in first place in the Central Division, the Dallas Stars are also fighting back-and-forth with the Vegas Golden Knights for first place in the Western Conference.

As we turn the calendar from 2022 to 2023, many people are making New Year’s resolutions. Many people are looking to this time of the year to set goals and expectations for the new year. I have New Years resolutions (or perhaps wishes) for the Dallas Stars.

My wish for the Dallas Stars in 2023

1. Talent at a reasonable price

As stated previously, the Stars are in a good position in the standings. However, we’ve seen this before in years past. Teams start off good but then hit a lull after the calendar turns to a different year. I’m not saying that’s going to happen to the Stars. They have shown no reason to believe that’s going to happen.

That being said, though, its always a good thing to add extra talent to your team. As stated, though, this needs to come at a reasonable price. There are some really good young pieces to this team. The last thing you want to do is get rid of someone in a desperation move. I’m not trying to say who I want them to add. There will be some people available at the trade deadline. If the move is right and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then I hope the Dallas Stars can pull the trigger.

2. Health

This could be the wish that every team has every day of every year. You never want to lose a player to injury. However, you know its probably going to happen at some point in time. Jake Oettinger had to sit out a little bit earlier this season. Despite that, the Dallas Stars have enjoyed a relatively healthy season. That’s also part of why they’ve been so successful this season.

If injuries happen and they probably will, you hope they are the type that doesn’t have long term effects on the team. If a player has to miss a week or two, you can usually make do. It’s when someone has to miss weeks or months that really cause some problems.

3. A Stanley Cup Championship

Again! Another wish that every team has every season. Halfway through the season and you can say a handful of teams have a legitimate chance to play for the Stanley Cup. Of course anything can happen in the playoffs. The key is to get there and right now the Dallas Stars have put themselves in a position to get there.

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Dallas hasn’t hoisted the cup since the 1999 season. They made the finals in 2000 but lost to the New Jersey Devils. They made it again during the Covid Bubble year of 2020. That year they lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The fans in Dallas are hungry for another championship so my wish for 2023 is this team hoisting the Stanley Cup in June.