Dallas Cowboys have the CeeDee Lamb factor helping on the road

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Teams are better at home. Whether it’s the familiar confines, the usual routine, the accommodating fanbase, or the climate, home teams have an advantage. That’s why it’s such a prize in playoff seeding and that’s why the Dallas Cowboys are pressing to win up until the end.

Homefield advantage isn’t the end-all be-all, but it’s a big deal for this year’s Cowboys. Don’t believe me? Consider this: the Dallas Cowboys have gone 8-1 at home this season. They are 4-3 on the road.

Home team Cowboys are elite.

Road team Cowboys are a tick above .500.

Not exactly what you want to hear heading into the postseason statistically most likely to play every game on the road, huh?

CeeDee Lamb is one player who stays dominant on the road and someone the Dallas Cowboys will have to lean on this postseason.

Ask any coach and most will tell you the primary reason teams are worse on the road is crowd noise. The approved custom for a home team crowd is to cheer when then their defense is on the field and and be silent when their offense is on the field.

This allows the offense to communicate easier whether that’s checking out of plays, dictating assignments, or just hearing the snap count.

On the road, offenses often have to make concessions in communication. They go to the line with limited options (usually just two) and they often use a silent snap count that still results in a false start here or there.

Away games put the offense at a disadvantage.

CeeDee Lamb seems to be the exception to the rule. While other players see dips in productivity, CeeDee Lamb stays constant and a case can be made he even spikes when playing on the road. His yards and receptions are actually higher on the road than they are at home.

Not only does CeeDee post excellent numbers on the road but he’s more efficient too, with a catch percentage nearly 10% higher on the road than at home.

CeeDee Lamb gives the Dallas Cowboys consistency on the road. If only everyone could play that well