Cowboys Draft: OT Dawand Jones profile – An enormous pick

Mandatory Credit: Barbara Perenic/Columbus DispatchSports Ohio State Rutgers Ncaa Football
Mandatory Credit: Barbara Perenic/Columbus DispatchSports Ohio State Rutgers Ncaa Football /

Ohio State makes it a habit of collecting elite physical talents at just about every position on the football field and Dawand Jones is just the latest example. The Buckeyes right tackle has been moving up draft boards and should check all the boxes for the Cowboys in the coming weeks.

Dawand Jones is one of the most physically imposing OT prospects in the draft who would add power and dominance to the Cowboys running game.

While it seems the Cowboys have little shot at selecting a player like Paris Johnson (OSU starting LT) they may be able to add the Buckeyes’ right tackle if the 2023 NFL Draft falls correctly.

Standing nearly 6-foot-9 and 360lbs, Dawand Jones is physically in a class all his own. His 36-inch arms and 89-inch wingspan rate him at the top of the OT boards heading into the draft. He has powerful hands and a heavy anchor, making him an elite player in the running game.

Dane Brugler from The Athletic tabbed him as a player “I’m most interested to watch during one-on-ones” in the upcoming Senior Bowl. Jones has struggled with balance against wide technique pass-rushers and could struggle in the same way Josh Ball and Terence Steele have with the Cowboys.

But like Ball (6-foot-8) and Steele (6-foot-6), Dawand Jones is vertically elite and a run-first prospect. In other words, the Cowboys have a type and Dawand Jones appears to be that type.

According to Joe Marino at TDN, Jones is top-heavy and overweight. Slimming down would do his balance good and make him a better pass-protector. If Jones can get in better shape he could be an all-around tackle in the NFL and not just a dominant run-blocker.

Projected draft spot: Where Dawand Jones goes in the 2023 NFL Draft will likely come down to how he works out in one-on-ones and how he tests with movement at the NFL Combine. At this moment he’s a Day 1-Day 2 guy who comes in at No. 32 on TDN’s top-100 Big Board.

He’s the type of player the Cowboys are attracted to and could be an immediate difference maker in Dallas