Analyzing the Dallas Stars 2023 trade deadline deals

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For most of the season the Dallas Stars have been near, or at the top of the Central Division. They’ve had really good play from their top line, Jake Oettinger, and other key players (like captain Jamie Benn). Despite that, the Stars decided to make a few moves around the NHL trade deadline.

The two most notable names for Dallas were Max Domi and Evgenii Dadonov. The thing about making a trade is that there’s an element of risk/reward that factors in. And, unfortunately, you don’t always know if the risk was worth the reward until much later. Some trades workout great. Others, like the one made by the other occupants of the AAC, don’t pan out the way everyone wants. There’s still time for the Mavericks trade to work but time is running out.

I digress. What about the Dallas Stars and their new acquisitions?

Did the Dallas Stars win at the trade deadline?

I will say its a little early still. However, things are looking good. Take Dadonov first. He’s played in 18 games for the Stars. That’s over 20% of the season. He already has 12 points for Dallas including three goals.

One of the great things about Dadonov is that he doesn’t take penalties either. He has zero penalty minutes while wearing the victory green colors. And its not like he’s riding the bench. Dadonov is constantly playing around 15 minutes a game.

Now when you think about the risk for a player like Dadonov, how does that work? The risk was Denis Gurianov. During that same time, Gurianov has scored five goals and has eight points. Now, with the Stars he had two goals and nine points. Gurianov does have Dadonov in years (nine to be exact). Other than the age, though, it appears the Dallas Stars came out on top in this trade, but time will ultimately be the judge.

What about the other trade? A week after Max Domi torched Dallas in a comeback win, the Dallas Stars pulled the trigger on a trade that brought Domi to town. This one was more interesting. The Stars got Domi while the Blackhawks got Anton Khudobin and a 2nd round draft pick in 2025.

Domi is only 28 years old. During his time with the Dallas Stars, Domi has managed six points and scored two goals. But, his presence is felt all over the ice. When you watch the games, you know where Domi is on the ice. That’s not something you say about every NHL player. Getting rid of the expiring contract of Khudobin was huge in this deal as well.

Once again its hard to say one way or the other if the Stars won these trades. Only time can judge the trade. Hopefully, time will be kind and favorable towards both of these acquisitions.