Dallas Mavericks must solve these 3 offseason issues

Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Mavericks had two one of the best NBA players this past season. Theory is when you have so much talent, you are expected to great, especially when you were on series away from the finals last season. However, that was not the case for Dallas.

The team dropped out of the playoff race and failed to even try and contend for a play in spot.

So what’s next for Luka Doncic and company? How do the Dallas Mavericks solve this past season’s failures? and where do they go from here?

For the starters, the Dallas Mavericks must address their offseason woes.

There are three main issues that must be solved:

1. Is Kyrie Irving coming back? 

2. What is going on with Christian Wood? 

3. Can the role players around Dallas take that next step? 

To answer the first, the Irving situation is tricky. If you remember he basically left Dallas without speaking to the media. On top of that he was been all over California watching games such as the Los Angeles Lakers series.

While this be him merely enjoying his vacation, it is something the Mavs solve early on.

Last week, coach Jason Kidd spoke about the importance of bringing back Irving. In an interview with Rachel Nichols he said that, “We’re going to do everything to keep him, and we hope that we’ve done everything to make him comfortable, and want to be a Mav for life.”

Assuming he does give, it is going to be fear costly. Forbes.com reports that a four year contract could cost $210.10 million, where a five year deal would be around $272.92 million.

The option is simple: resign Irving and bring back your basic role players, or he walks and you add more talented players around Doncic.

As far as the second question goes, the response seems clear: Wood is more than likely going to walk. A change of scenery from the middle of the season.

Back in January, Dallas was open to resigning Wood. However, four months later and that chapter is closed. In a recent tweet, Wood mentioned that he had a story to tell, as he said goodbye to Dallas Mavericks fans.

With so many conflicting reports, it seems Wood is gone.

Another failed big man experiment.

That means now it will be up Dallas’ current players to step up to the plate.

Two role players who hope to have an impact are Jaden Hardy and Josh Green.

The rookie had a fantastic season. He showed flashy skills of being able to drive to the basket and even found a three point shot near the end of the season.

One thing he must do though is continue to add onto his success.

Last season, Hardy hustled his way into the lineup. Coach Kidd spoke about his success saying that “He’s worked extremely hard,” and that “he’s one that can get to the basket.”

It was his gym ethic and after work hours that made him so special.

Assuming he keeps it up, he could be a star in no time.

Another player hoping to make the next jump is Green.

The 22 year old played a huge role for Dallas when Dorian Finney-Smith was traded. It was up to him to sort of take his place and become that next three and D wing.

“I’m already ready for next season, ready to get to work this offseason, and it’s just continuing to get into work,” Green said. 

Next. Dallas Mavericks free agency decisions should NOT hinge on Kyrie Irving. dark

Whatever the case is, Dallas is going to have an interesting offseason. For starters the Mavs must get Irving signed ASAP if that is their plan.

Hold on Dallas Mavericks fans, these next two months will be interesting.