Dallas Cowboys: Trading, churning and adding to their roster

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Today, Dallas Cowboys COO, Stephen Jones talked about the possibilities of churning the roster. As soon as the quote came out there were questions about who could be traded and what they could be traded for.

Names were thrown around until Jones clarified his comments about trades involving players lower on the depth chart. What positions could the Dallas Cowboys possibly look at? The answer is almost anything and everything.

Most teams churn the bottom of their roster. This usually involves players on the precipice of being cut and then the team signing other similar players. However, Jones’ comments were more about trading players than simply churning the bottom of the roster. This could mean that players seen as third-string players could very well be on the trade block, with the possible inclusion of one of the backups.

Stephen Jones’ comments about possible trades to churn the bottom of the roster have left many wondering what the possibilities are for the Dallas Cowboys.

What we do know is that the starters are pretty well set. While many want the Dallas Cowboys to chase Deandre Hopkins, that possibility is closer to zero than it is even fifty percent. That means unless a big name is basically free, then I would not expect much more than depth pieces to be moved around. The only possibility could be for a kicker as the Cowboys currently do not have one on the roster (still).

This all begs the question of what the Cowboys not only need but what could they want. One obvious position would be quarterback depth. Yes, Dak Prescott is the cemented starter (sorry to the small few who still don’t appreciate him) but behind him is still a question for a lot of people. They have Cooper Rush and Will Grier, but the offense was paltry with Rush at the helm and Grier is a bit of an unknown at the NFL level. They could look to find a developmental guy and save some money.

Another position it seems the Dallas Cowboys could always look at is wide receiver. They did sign one today, but it seems they are unsettled at the depth of the position. The same could probably be said for tight end and offensive line. They seem to have too many running backs to keep, so it is possible using one for a trade could happen

On defense, the Cowboys seem to need linebacker, safety, and corner depth. One name that has seemed to creep up into these conversations is Kelvin Joseph. With the Cowboys trying him at safety his future on the team is certainly a question around Cowboys Nation. Flipping Joseph for linebacker depth is a move I could see the team doing.

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Now this all is speculation as it takes two to tango so to speak. If one team values a player but the other doesn’t hold the same value as the player or the return of the player, a trade is unlikely to happen. Sometimes pedigree helps, but teams have gotten better over the years by and large, with a few exceptions.

What we do know from the comments is the Dallas Cowboys do not feel set in their depth, and until training camp gets here, there may be more questions than answers.