Dallas Cowboys running game X-factor: FB/RB Hunter Luepke

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The versatile FB/RB combo, Hunter Luepke, could be the Dallas Cowboys’ running game X-factor in 2023.

I think the Dallas Cowboys required a more youthful, quicker, and cost-effective backfield. There was no way for them to have the same backfield under any conditions in 2023. Jerry Jones, as usual, mentioned Ezekiel Elliott as if it were 2016 instead of 2022.

I’ve observed a trend in Dallas, so I refrained from jumping to conclusions. The art of war has been mastered by the front office.

"“All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu"

Sometimes, being too honest can actually be a negative thing, and this is known as the concept of too much honesty.

If you share your thoughts too early without giving enough time to think them through properly, it can lead to a disastrous outcome. Before Mike McCarthy came to town, the Dallas Cowboys (or Jerry Jones) had a reputation for this. At the star, media leaks were common.

"“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak,” — Sun Tzu"

The Dallas Cowboys have fully embraced this concept. It’s been refreshing to witness. Organizations that are smart keep their cards hidden at the tables.

They released Ezekiel Elliott and didn’t draft in the first three rounds, preferring instead to pick a player with a remarkable personal story in the 6th round. People are curious about who will support Tony Pollard in the Cowboys running game and where it’s heading.

I’m convinced that there’s an intriguing option on the roster. A player receiving little attention from the media. Karen Mitchell, a friend of mine, is the only person I know who is excited to see what this player can can do at the next level.

"He reminds me of a bit of Moose Johnson but more athletic – Karen Mitchell"

Undrafted free agent, Hunter Luepke, FB, North Dakota State (6-1, 236)

Hunter Luepke’s time at North Dakota State spanned four seasons, during which he played 43 games, ran the ball 274 times, accumulated 1,665 yards, and scored 24 touchdowns on the ground. He caught 38 passes for 494 yards and nine touchdowns in the air.

Strengths:  A powerful runner, ideal for gaining yards in short distances, and expected to play fullback on Sundays. When running, displays quickness, excellent balance, and footwork.

He possesses great power and is quite nimble, making it difficult for defenders to bring him down with a single tackle. He breaks through the hole, gaining a lot of yardage and pushing the pile forward.

Concerns:  His strength lies in carrying the ball downhill; however, he struggles while cutting back against the grain. Occasionally, he lets the ball get inside him and he doesn’t always catch it cleanly with his hands. In the year 2022, he sustained an injury to his shoulder towards the end of the season.

In my view, none of these are significant concerns, but it’s important to take note of everything.


If DMV Fanatic tweets something, it’s worth paying attention to. Want to know more about the Cowboys MiniCamp? Specifically, are the running backs good enough?

Check out this video was made by DMV Fanatic. If you could spare just three minutes of your day, I highly recommend that you look at it.

Overall:  No other running back on the Dallas Cowboys’ roster is like him. He has versatility and can act as a hybrid offensive weapon, used in various ways.

Luepke’s ability as a power running back/fullback is impressive because of his talent and versatility, which allows him to excel in every aspect of the position. This young man is a cheaper alternative to Ezekiel Elliott’s $15 million contract.

Possessing the traits of a classic West Coast fullback, Luepke’s versatility makes him an effective pass catcher out of the backfield, a skilled blocker, and a valuable short-yardage ball carrier.

Since his arrival in Dallas, Mike McCarthy has been on the hunt for a fullback to bolster his team’s offense. It is a well-known fact that he has a deep affection for the position.

I anticipate Hunter Luepke will seamlessly integrate into Dallas’ new offensive strategy, like a silk glove.

  • Published on 06/19/2023 at 11:30 AM
  • Last updated at 06/19/2023 at 11:30 AM