3 Mavericks Who Could Be Playing Their Last Game in Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks have their backs against the wall versus the Boston Celtics. Here are three players who may find it difficult to be a part of the team next season.
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Maxi Kleber

The 32-year-old big man has returned from injury in the playoffs and he is doing his best to give the Mavs more shooting and defensive versatility. However, at this stage of his career, Maxi Kleber is too limited of an offensive player.

Plus, Kleber struggles to stay healthy for extended periods of time. He missed a total of 84 regular-season games over the past two seasons, making him difficult to trust as part of the rotation.

Even though Kleber provides something the rest of the Mavs can't with his three-and-D play and two-way skill set, he can't play too many minutes or games anymore. Considering that he has two more seasons left at $11 million annual salary, the Mavs should be able to find better use for that salary slot.

The Mavs could benefit from more shooting and athleticism on the roster. If they can ship Kleber out by attacking more assets to him in exchange for a wing that can shoot or defend at a really high level, they should seriously consider it.