3 Rangers Who Don’t Belong on the 40-Man Roster

The Texas Rangers might be better off not including these players on the final 40-man roster after Spring Training.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports
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We are only a little over a month away from opening day. For the first time ever, the Texas Rangers will be starting the season as the defending World Series champions. Repeating as champions is always harder than winning the first title. Therefore, the Rangers need to nail their roster decisions ahead of the season.

The Rangers have a few question marks on their roster. Departures of key players and the pitching rotation dealing with injuries, the Rangers have a few concerns heading into their title defense. That is why getting their depth pieces right will be more important than ever. These players, however, are unlikely to contribute to them this season.

Sam Huff

Huff is certainly not a bad player. He will likely have a productive career in the majors as the 25-year-old catcher has some potential as a two-way player. It's just hard to see him reach that potential with the Rangers.

Texas has Jonah Heim and Andrew Knizner in their catcher rotation, both more experienced and proven players. Huff could be an option as a designated hitter but he is not a good enough hitter to get that role over the likes of Justin Foscue and Wyatt Langford. This leaves Huff out of options and a potential 40-man roster casualty.

Huff has talent. He has hit 20 or more home runs three times in the minors. He needs to replicate that to have a shot at making the final roster. Otherwise, he will continue to bounce back and forth. It's not the worst idea to move on from him for the sake of both sides.