4 Cowboys on the Bubble After OTAs and Minicamp

These four players may find it difficult to make it past the training camp for the Dallas Cowboys.
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Cooper Rush, QB

Cooper Rush has had one of the easiest jobs in the NFL for the past six seasons. Now 30 years old, he has only started in six games in his Cowboys career. In his defense, he has largely performed well when he was needed, having an impressive 5-1 record.

At the same time, all reports indicate that he is falling behind Trey Lance in the depth chart. For some reason, the Cowboys have been enamored with Lance for a while, trading a fourth-round pick. That is a lot to give up for a third-string quarterback, so it makes sense that their plan was to eventually upgrade him to QB2.

Rush certainly provides more veteran competence and experience than Lance but the 24-year-old former North Dakota State star needs more developmental reps. Which direction the Cowboys will choose to go will be fascinating to watch.

If Dallas prefers to go with Lance, there is a scenario in which they enter the season with two quarterbacks and just add someone to the practice squad. This may be a reasonable scenario considering the fact that the Cowboys desperately need more depth in other positions.