4 Cowboys Who Wouldn't Survive a 2025 Rebuild

If the 2024 season doesn't go as planned and Dallas has to blow it all up next year, don't count on these four Cowboys sticking around in 2025.
HC Mike McCarthy is one of four Cowboys who likely wouldn't survive a 2025 rebuild.
HC Mike McCarthy is one of four Cowboys who likely wouldn't survive a 2025 rebuild. / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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2. QB Dak Prescott

You weren't expecting to not see Dak Prescott on this list, right? After all, if a rebuild is happening, it all hinges on whether the veteran gunslinger stays or goes next offseason.

Prescott, 30, has been one of the NFL's best quarterbacks since being drafted 135th back in 2016. He's led the Cowboys to a 73-41 record over the years and only trails Tony Romo and Troy Aikman in franchise history when it comes to completions (2,595) and passing yards (29,459) while ranking second with 202 touchdown passes.

Nevertheless, Prescott's future in Big D is up in the air as he enters the final year of his four-year, $160 million deal. He also holds a no-trade clause on top of the Cowboys being unable to franchise tag him, meaning there's a solid chance that No. 4 will be one of 2025's most sought-after free agents.

It's just hard to imagine Prescott wanting to re-sign if the Cowboys plan to rebuild. While he hasn't been perfect throughout his career and some key losses were his fault, you can't blame the ex-Mississippi State QB for wanting a fresh start elsewhere. It isn't as if Jones & Co. have excelled at building a Super Bowl-contending team around him given that they haven't signed a major free agent in over 10 years.

Conversely, the Cowboys might be tired of Prescott's playoff shortcomings and may opt to move forward with a younger arm. Trey Lance, although unproven, is 23 and still on the roster while the 2025 draft class will offer Dallas more opportunities at a franchise QB.

In other words, if the Cowboys don't extend Prescott and fail to win multiple playoff rounds, expect to see a new face under center for a rebuild.