4 Former Rangers Without Jobs as Spring Training Begins

Most free agents have signed with their new teams but there are a few former Rangers still looking for their next contract.

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Robbie Grossman

The journeyman outfielder has been on one-year contracts for the past few seasons, including the one-year, $2 million deal he was on with the Rangers last season. It is therefore surprising that he hasn't signed with a team yet but he will surely be on a final 26-man roster somewhere.

Grossman is not the most exciting slugger and he is likely not going to change the fate of your franchise. He is an average-at-best at bat and is a limited defender. But he is a veteran who doesn't make many mistakes. He has the all-time MLB record for position players with 440 games without an error after all.

At this stage of his career, Grossman is probably better suited to be the designated hitter. Grossman has played an important role for the Rangers on their way to the World Series victory. He gives quality at-bat every time he is out there. Plus, he plays hard and is a great teammate for all intents and purposes.

For any team looking for someone to hit lefty pitchers, Grossman is your guy. If you have enough defensive versatility elsewhere, you can win with Grossman. It would have been nice to bring him back but there might not be a role for him to play in Arlington. All the best to the veteran.