4 Remaining Free Agents the Cowboys Must Be 'All-In' On to Save the Offseason

Jerry Jones is running out of time to keep his promise to Cowboys fans. Here are four still-available free agents he can sign to salvage this offseason.

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Ezekiel Elliott, RB

This one is a no-brainer and it is the move a lot of Cowboys fans are hoping for. Jerry Jones also knows this, so he could easily turn to this familiar face to save his offseason. As a fan favorite, Ezekiel Elliott will always be welcome in Dallas, and considering the desperate need at running back, the Cowboys could do much worse than bringing back Zeke.

Tony Pollard is no longer a Cowboy. Dallas re-signed Rico Dowdle but there is still not a surefire RB1 on the team. This is shocking as everything out of Cowboys' top brass signaled a desire to get better at running the ball.

Well, losing your star offensive lineman and your primary running back is probably not the way to improve on that front.

Elliott might be the best rusher left on the market. He didn't have the best season of his career in New England last season, but who could have in that dysfunctional offense? We all remember how productive he still was as a Cowboy the year prior.

At this stage of his career, Elliott doesn't have the crazy speed, quickness, and explosion he once possessed. He is a physical runner who welcomes contact, even though he wasn't particularly good at it last season in Foxborough. But a better offensive ecosystem and a familiar scheme should help Elliott get back to his scoring ways.