5 Cornerbacks the Cowboys Must Sign to Replace Trevon Diggs

There aren't a ton of options out there, but these five cornerbacks are the best targets available to the Cowboys.
Trevon Diggs' season-ending ACL injury means the Dallas Cowboys need a new cornerback.
Trevon Diggs' season-ending ACL injury means the Dallas Cowboys need a new cornerback. / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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You obviously aren't going to truly "replace" a cornerback as good as Trevon Diggs with anyone that can be brought in mid-season.

Diggs is one of the best young cornerbacks in football, and the 2021 First-Team All-Pro's season-ending ACL injury will send shockwaves through the Dallas Cowboys defense. But for as much as you want to take time to lament the injury, the NFL season doesn't stop for anyone.

Dallas needs to immediately be looking for ways to move forward from this, and fans can take some comfort in knowing that there's probably not a coach in the NFL more capable of getting the best out of any defensive player than Dan Quinn.

Quinn will need to work his magic on any of these guys, but here are the five best cornerback targets that need to be on the Cowboys' radar after Diggs' injury.

Cowboys News: 5 Best Cornerback Options to Replace Trevon Diggs

1. Bradley Roby

It was a surprise when the New Orleans Saints released Bradley Roby on roster cutdown day.

The veteran struggled in 2022 and didn't have a great 2023 preseason, but it seems a little premature to give up on him given the upside he's shown and the fact that being 31 years old suggests that it may well have just been a down year, and not a sign of being too far past his prime to hang in the NFL anymore.

Roby has been a serviceable corner as recently as 2021, and a very good corner as recently as 2020. Neither one of those seasons are all that long ago.

Roby has often worked in the slot throughout his career, but he's by no means a guy who can only play inside.

In fact, that great 2020 season he had saw Roby play 505 snaps as an outside corner, compared to just 61 in the slot. 

That also makes his recent "decline" raise even more of an eyebrow. In 2021 he saw his share of slot snaps increase, and then in 2022 he played 306 slot snaps to 264 on the outside. Perhaps some of his short-area quickness and reaction times are slowing with age, which would have more of an impact when he's in the slot than on the outside.