5 Cowboys Dan Quinn Could Take With Him to Washington

Dan Quinn is now the head coach of the Washington Commanders. These five Cowboys could follow him there.
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Dante Fowler Jr, EDGE

Fowler Jr is as clear-cut of a Dan Quinn player as any. Quinn helped recruit the talented pass rusher to Florida when he was the defensive coordinator there and helped him become one of the best defensive players in the country, culminating in Fowler becoming the third overall pick in 2015.

Quinn signed him in free agency when he was the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, then brought him over to Dallas in 2022. Now that Fowler is an unrestricted free agent again, it makes too much sense for him to follow Quinn to Washington, as the Cowboys probably can't make the same lucrative offer to him that the Commanders can.

Fowler played career-low snaps with career-worst tackle and sack numbers last year, and it's hard to see him be the player he was as a promising prospect early in his career. But he is still a trusted hand for Quinn and can contribute in a smaller role.