5 Cowboys Still on Thin Ice After Surviving the Trade Deadline

Which Dallas Cowboys players could be on thin ice after the trade deadline?
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The Dallas Cowboys were surprisingly inactive at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline, but that doesn't mean the players who were potentially about to get replaced can rest easy. They may not have immediate replacements, but at some point, the Cowboys could look to make some big changes to the roster or depth chart if the performance of certain players doesn't pick up quickly.

With a massive matchup on tap against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 9, which players need to step up for the Dallas Cowboys immediately, or face the potential of being replaced or maybe even cut?

Let's take a look at a handful of names.

5 Cowboys on Thin Ice After Trade Deadline

1. Michael Gallup, WR

I'm not sure how realistic it was to think that the Cowboys could possibly trade a player like Michael Gallup at the deadline, but it was certainly out there that they could trade for another receiver. Up to this point in 2023, Gallup is second on the Cowboys in both snaps and targets at the receiver position.

He's caught just 20 passes for 224 yards and no touchdowns through seven games, and that's simply not the type of production the Cowboys can tolerate from the guy who is second on the team in targets. Don't be surprised to see Gallup's role diminish as the season progresses if his production doesn't pick up.