5 Cowboys Who Should Be Cut Before Free Agency Opens

The Dallas Cowboys need to cut these players to open up enough cap space to be players in free agency.
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The Dallas Cowboys are in a tough financial spot but it's not one that they are unfamiliar with. The Cowboys are seemingly always over the salary cap heading into the offseason and have to find their way out of the hole. This year is no different.

Dallas is effectively $13.6 million over the salary cap. They need to be bold and creative to get under it through extensions, restructuring, and cuts before they can be players in free agency. Fortunately for them, they have plenty of players that could give them some cap relief by being released.

Let's look at five Cowboys who are the likeliest cut candidates before free agency starts in two weeks.

Nahshon Wright, CB

Parting ways with their former third-round pick wouldn't save the Cowboys a ton of money, but considering that they are not getting any production from him, it would be a reasonable cut.

When Wright was drafted in 2021 by the Cowboys, the selection was heavily criticized as there were defensive backs with higher upside like Ambry Thomas and Brandon Stephens still on the board. Three years later, those criticisms proved to be justified. Now that Dan Quinn is no longer in Dallas, it's hard to see Wright sticking around either.

Wright only played in 50 defensive snaps last year and was purely used as a special teams player. Despite injuries on the defensive end, he was seldom used, making him a superfluous option to bring back next year. Cutting him would save the Cowboys $1.23 million, while Dallas can easily replace him with a rookie in the 2024 NFL Draft.