5 Cowboys Who Should Be Cut Before Free Agency Opens

The Dallas Cowboys need to cut these players to open up enough cap space to be players in free agency.

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Michael Gallup, WR

Michael Gallup, on the other hand, would bring a ton of savings for the Cowboys, especially if he were designated as a post-June 1 cut. Cap savings in that scenario would be $9.5 million, which Dallas could use to replace him in their wide receiver rotation.

Ever since he was drafted by the Cowboys in 2018, Gallup always left Cowboys fans wanting more. His breakout sophomore season created sky-high expectations for the former Colorado State standout but he always failed to meet that bar he set. Now, it feels like his Dallas tenure is coming to an end.

In the last two seasons, Gallup had a total of 842 receiving yards and six touchdowns in 31 games, far less than the numbers he has reached in one season in 2019. He has consistently been outplayed by Jalen Tolbert in 2023 and giving Tolbert more snaps makes a ton of sense for Dallas.

When the Cowboys eventually move on from Gallup, his contract extension will go down as one of the worst extensions the Cowboys have given over the last decade. Not just the deal itself, but choosing him over Amari Cooper was obviously a massive mistake.

Even if the savings from Gallup aren't used on another receiver, it can be very helpful to open up space for CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons extensions. Gallup's production will not be difficult to replace, anyway.