5 Most Overrated Cowboys From the 2023-24 NFL Season

The Dallas Cowboys disappointed up and down the roster last season. Here are some names whose performances were the most overrated.
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2. JayRon Kearse, S

Kearse is certainly a Cowboys success story. After being a fringe player in his previous stops, Kearse was able to establish his career under Dan Quinn's system and became one of the most important defenders in Dallas.

His versatility and ability to play both linebacker and safety made him a crucial piece for the Cowboys, making plays all over the field.

However, it seems like his reputation rather than his on-field performance is carrying him at this point. He was never able to replicate his 2021 season but is still considered a key player among Cowboys fans.

Kearse gave up career-worst yards per completion when targeted in 2023, blew more coverages, and missed more tackles than we have grown accustomed to. On a team that is stacked with defensive talent, especially on the secondary, it's not going to be too difficult to replicate Kearse's production.