6 Biggest Winners From Cowboys Offseason Workouts

Who stood out so far during the Cowboys offseason workouts?
Dallas Cowboys, Ryan Flournoy
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Aiming to get past the first — and eventually second round — of the NFL Playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys have been hard at work with their offseason programs.

They have dealt with some outside noise, including contract negotiations for Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb that have yet to go anywhere. While those deals and Lamb's absence from mandatory camps take center stage, there's still a roster being built in the background.

With that being said, here are six winners from the offseason programs who deserve praise for their efforts thus far.

6. Cooper Beebe, Center

This spot could have gone to either Tyler Guyton or Cooper Beebe. Both rookie offensive linemen have been praised by veterans such as Zack Martin for their work. Martin even included seventh-round offensive tackle Nathan Thomas.

What gives Beebe the edge over his fellow rookie linemen is the way he's handled the learning curve. Beebe, who played guard at Kansas State, was called on draft night by offensive line coach Mike Solari and told to work on playing center. Early in camp, he already looked comfortable as he was making pre-snap reads.

The Dallas front office deserves a lot of credit for this move. In need of a starting left tackle and center, they managed to solve this dilemma essentially with one pick.

Entering the draft with the 24th pick in Round 1, the Cowboys sent that selection to Detroit and landed the 29th and 73rd pick. That's where they landed Guyton and Beebe respectively, giving themselves two new starters.

Of course, this could have blown up in their face but the early progress from the rookie is helping them look like winners.