CeeDee Lamb Will Demand Record-Setting Contract After Justin Jefferson Extension

The latest contract extension to an elite wide receiver shows that the Cowboys will need to break the bank for their star pass-catcher.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Every NFL offseason, a contract extension sets the market for elite players of that position. The best players in a position compare themselves to their counterparts and demand the contract that they get from their teams. That will likely be the case with CeeDee Lamb after what Justin Jefferson just got from the Minnesota Vikings.

The Dallas Cowboys have been playing hardball with CeeDee Lamb. Even though the 24-year-old wideout has been one of the best offensive players in the league over the last few years, Jerry Jones & Co. has not been making progress on locking him down to a long-term deal as he enters the fifth season of his rookie contract.

That is going to have to change very soon. The Minnesota Vikings just gave their own 24-year-old star receiver a four-year, $140 million contract extension. This makes him the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history.

Justin Jefferson Extension Sets CeeDee Lamb's Market

Jefferson and Lamb are as comparable as two players can be. Both 24 years old and first-round picks in the 2020 NFL Draft, they have been dominant playmakers for their teams ever since they entered the league. Jefferson has had four straight 1,000+ yard seasons and caught a total of 30 touchdown passes, while Lamb had three straight 1,000+ yard seasons, most recently going for 1,749 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Lamb has every right to ask for the same contract as Jefferson. The former Oklahoma star has improved every single year with his numbers seeing significant jumps across the board from year to year.

Jefferson's $35 million APY will likely be the floor for Lamb's next deal. That is the benefit of waiting until other dominoes fall before negotiating your extension. Now, Lamb has all the leverage, being able to point to his Vikings counterpart's extension. This will likely help make him the highest-paid non-QB in NFL history in the coming weeks.

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