Cowboys' Latest Signing Raises Concerns Around Tyler Biadasz Injury Status

Why bring in former Giant Billy Price unless Biadasz' injury is worse than we think?
Billy Price signing with the Dallas Cowboys is a concern for Tyler Biadasz' injury status.
Billy Price signing with the Dallas Cowboys is a concern for Tyler Biadasz' injury status. / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Blowout wins and an upset loss have formed the bulk of the conversation around the Dallas Cowboys in the national media this season, but fans know the main story so far has been offensive line health.

And this latest roster move suggests that the team doesn't expect those issues in the trenches to clear up any time soon.

Cowboys News: Billy Price Signed

The Cowboys signed veteran center Billy Price to the practice squad on Wednesday, which creates some concern around Tyler Biadasz' hamstring injury.

Brock Hoffman was elevated from the practice squad to start with Biadasz out in Week 3, and he's back on the practice squad now. He has no elevations left and will need to be signed to the active roster to play again.

But having been confident having just one center on the 53-man roster and one on the practice squad previously, why the change of heart now unless they're worried about having to elevate someone to start in Biadasz' place in the near future?

Price is an interesting signing for sure, and it’s kind of surprising he was available. He’s started 45 games since his 2018 rookie season, including making 15 starts with the New York Giants in 2021 and 11 with the Arizona Cardinals in 2022.

He’s never done much to impress as a starter though, and Pro Football Focus has only graded him out about 60.0 in one of his five pro seasons. Last year he gave up a career-high five sacks.

Maybe this is a total just-in-case move. Maybe it's a sign that the Cowboys aren't interested in keeping Hoffman around without being able to elevate him. It's not time to panic quite yet. But considering what's gone on with the O-line so far in 2023, it's hard not to be concerned.

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