5 Cowboys Who Won't Be Back if Dallas Doesn't Win the NFC

If the Dallas Cowboys don't win the NFC in 2023, these five members of the team could be on their way out in 2024
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4. Dan Quinn, Defensive Coordinator

This is another case of the ball being in the individual's court rather than the Cowboys'. Dan Quinn has come over and completely rebuilt his image under McCarthy.

Formerly the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, Quinn took his team to the Super Bowl following the 2016 season but that wound up being a historic loss for him. Atlanta had a 28-3 lead in the second half over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots but wound up losing. From there, his team became known for fourth-quarter collapses, including an epic loss to the Cowboys in 2020.

Quinn ended up joining Dallas in 2021 after they moved on from Mike Nolan. He immediately changed the defensive mindset. Gone were the days of a team that was bullied and couldn't create a turnover. Instead, this defense became the bullies and is known to record turnovers at a record pace.

Due to the success he's had, Quinn continues to be in line for head coaching vacancies. So far, the Cowboys have been able to keep him on their staff. Not only have they given him a massive raise but he also believes this team can win it all.

Having said that, another early playoff exit could change his mind. Perhaps that will lead to a belief that this team has a ceiling they can't break through. If Quinn does feel this way, he's likely to listen when others call. If they do make it deep, then it would be easier to convince him to stick around and add more wins to his resume.