Eagles Just Screwed Cowboys Even More in CeeDee Lamb Contract Negotiations

CeeDee Lamb's contract negotiations became more complicated after A.J. Brown's record deal
CeeDee Lamb's contract negotiations became more complicated after A.J. Brown's record deal / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

CeeDee Lamb's ongoing contract negotiations remain the most important storyline for the Cowboys entering the NFL Draft. Even if Dallas nails its draft picks, all will be for naught if Lamb doesn't remain committed to the franchise for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, the Eagles just made the negotiations much more difficult by handing A.J. Brown a massive contract extension that'll complicate Lamb's ask. Lamb was already asking for top-tier money, but now he's got even more ammo to support his stance.

Brown's new contract is worth three years and $96 million, including $84 guaranteed, giving him the highest annual value at the position in the NFL.

A.J. Brown's New Deal Gives Cowboys Trouble With CeeDee Lamb

The Cowboys are in a disadvantageous position at this point. Lamb is a more accomplished receiver than Brown, having caught 135 passes for 1,749 yards and 12 TDs this year, but Dallas missed the mark by waiting until Philadelphia reset the market.

Lamb's agency can now raise the price for a potential extension, demanding more than $32 million annually for the star wide receiver's services. No matter how bad Cowboys players want Lamb on the team, he's got all of the leverage in these negotiations.

Dallas is reportedly "all-in" on a Super Bowl this season, but it's hard to feel optimistic moving forward unless Lamb is under contract long-term. By not getting a deal done before the Eagles did, the Cowboys' leverage is limited at best.

Jerry Jones' bizarre rant about it being smart to wait for "options" before extending Lamb is looking worse and worse by the day.

We'll see what happens moving forward with the negotiations. No matter how you look at it, this is bad news for the Cowboys' front office.

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