Dan Quinn Comments on Head-Coaching Rumors as Offseason Nears

Rumors are once again starting to circle on Dan Quinn leaving Dallas for a head coaching position. This time it is the Chargers and Panthers as conenders for hiring Quinn as their head man as reported by NFL Network.
Sep 26, 2022; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn at MetLife
Sep 26, 2022; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn at MetLife / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors on Dan Quinn leaving Dallas in the offseason are once again circling America's team and the NFL.

Of course, that's no surprise to Cowboys fans. It has become a yearly tradition that rumors of his departure pop up ever since he arrive and transformed the Dallas defense.

And to be honest, it has felt inevitable over the past couple of seasons that Quinn would eventually leave leave for another head coaching gig. All the same, Quinn has stayed consistent in his answers to the media that he is focused on the Dallas defense and will cross the head coaching bridge when he gets there.

Both Ian Rappaport and Tom Pelissero have come out linking Quinn to the Carolina Panthers and maybe even the Los Angeles Chargers.

Cowboys News: Dan Quinn Addresses Head Coaching Rumors

Quinn addressed these rumors Monday at The Star.

"If and when that time gets called I would certainly be ready to discuss that at a moment's notice," Quinn said. He noted that he is "compartmentalizing" making sure he is using this crucial time in the NFL to focus on the Cowboys.

Quinn has becoming used to compartmentalizing as he is constantly in the NFL coaching carousel rumors with his name getting hotter every year.

As for now, Quinn's answers are staying the same but it feel like just a matter of time before Dallas is without a defensive coordinator. Dan Quinn has been phenomenal heading the Dallas' D but certainly would like to head a full NFL team again right?

Quinn has always been open about how much he loves coaching this defensive group citing it as the primary reason he has opted to stay. "Quite honestly, the guys I'm able to coach are a big reason why I wanted to be back," Quinn said Monday. "I didn't want to see anyone else coaching these guys and there was unfinished business."

The Cowboys are still very much in the thick of things in the NFC as a win on Sunday would lock in the 2-seed with homefield in the playoffs so Quinn is focused on doing something in Dallas that has not been done in a long time. But once the season comes to a close, whenever that may be, Jerry may have to pull off another miracle to keep Dan Quinn at The Star for 2024.

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