Jerry Jones' 6 Worst Decisions of the Past Decade

Cowboys owner and general manager made plenty of mistakes over the past ten years. Let's take a look at the worst ones.
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2. Not Firing Jason Garrett & Mike McCarthy Earlier

Most NFL teams don't like to enter a season with their head coaches in lame-duck status. Most sports organizations in general don't like putting their coach in a situation where they are coaching for their job.

Jerry Jones, however, is starting another season with his head coach on an expiring contract. This is unacceptable.

If you aren't giving your coach a contract extension, it means that you aren't entirely sure that he is the right coach for the future. So, if you have already made the decision that he is not your guy, then you have to move on. Otherwise, everyone on staff, every player, and the entire organization knows that person is gone at the end of the season and that adds a challenging dynamic to the team.

Cowboys fans went through this with Jason Garrett. In 2019, Garrett was on an expiring contract, Jones didn't extend it, entered the season with uncertainty, and ended up having an underwhelming 8-8 season and missed the playoffs.

The writing was clearly on the wall before then. We didn't have to wait nine full seasons and a 2-3 postseason record with Garrett to know that he wasn't the coach to take this team to the Super Bowl.

Now, we are seeing the same story play out once again with McCarthy. Despite three straight 12-5 seasons, postseason success is not here. Starting a fifth season and letting his contract play out with a weakened roster is only setting your coach up for failure.