Jerry Jones' 6 Worst Decisions of the Past Decade

Cowboys owner and general manager made plenty of mistakes over the past ten years. Let's take a look at the worst ones.
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1. Signing Greg Hardy

No matter what other mistakes Jerry Jones made about coaching, free agency, or draft decisions, none comes close to the absolutely insane decision to sign Greg Hardy.

In the 2015 offseason, the Dallas Cowboys signed the edge rusher to a one-year, $11.3 million contract.

In case you don't remember, Hardy at the time spent the previous year on the commissioner's exempt list due to the domestic violence charges against him. His team at the time, the Carolina Panthers, didn't play him in another game and the rest of the league was understandably not interested in bringing him in.

Not only were the allegations against Hardy absolutely disgusting, but the league's own investigation also revealed evidence of domestic violence and assault.

Yet, for some reason, this didn't stop Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. They gave him a lucrative deal, despite no other team being interested, while also drawing fair criticism and receiving backlash from the media.

Moreover, a month after the signing, the league suspended him for ten games. This was later reduced to four games and Hardy ended up playing in 12 games in Dallas. He was effective on the field but that is beside the point.

After his contract with the Cowboys ended, no other team in the league wanted to touch that walking public relations disaster, causing Hardy to retire from the NFL and take up mixed martial arts.

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