Micah Parsons Sends Stephen A. Smith to the Hospital

The Cowboys' star pass rusher has taken his talents to the basketball court and he can't be stopped.

Joe Rondone / The Republic / USA TODAY

It might be the offseason for the Dallas Cowboys but their star defender Micah Parsons continues to be unstoppable. This time it was the basketball court where Parsons displayed his elite athleticism, causing Stephen A. Smith an injury that landed him in the hospital.

The NBA is preparing for its All-Star Weekend. One of the events of the weekend is Friday night's NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. One of the headliners of the game is the Cowboys superstar pass rusher Micah Parsons. The team Parsons is on will be coached by sports broadcaster Stephen A. Smith.

However, the relationship between Parsons and Smith may have soured after what occurred in team practice. According to ESPN, Parsons' ankle-breaker of a crossover against Smith forced a hospital trip for the 56-year-old.

Cowboys Star Micah Parsons Injures Stephen A. Smith

This shouldn't be a surprise. Parsons was a varsity basketball player in high school. A two-sport star at Harrisburg High School in Pennsylvania, Parsons was allegedly a dominant, bruising big man. He will certainly look to pull out all his basketball moves on the court Friday night at the celebrity game.

That is if Smith still gives him minutes after the incident of course. Reportedly, Smith will still coach the game despite his injury.

Coming on ESPN to defend himself, Smith confirmed the injury he suffered but denied that Parsons hit him with a crossover.

Slipping on sweat on the floor and spraining your ankle? That seems far less plausible than the prior reporting. Plus, considering how much of a Dallas Cowboys hater Stephen A. Smith has been over the years, we will certainly choose to believe in the initial story.

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