3 Rangers on the Nice List (& 2 on the Naughty List) This Christmas

Christmas time is here and the question has to be asked. Who is waking up Christmas morning to everything they want, and who is getting a lump of coal? Here is the Texas Ranger's naughty and nice list for 2023.
Oct 27, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers Corey Seager (5) hits a two-run home run off
Oct 27, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers Corey Seager (5) hits a two-run home run off / Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Naughty: Bally Sports

Those within the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex are all too familiar with Bally Sports. Once upon a time residents within the metroplex could watch their favorite local teams including the Rangers, Mavericks, and Stars. That was until The Diamond Sports Came along with Bally Sports Southwest.

All of a sudden watching a Rangers game became impossible for thousands of fans. Even if you wanted to pay a monthly subscription, the Rangers were unavailable. So when it was rumored the company was on the verge of going under, celebration ensued.

But now, since 2024 is officially the last year of Bally carrying DFW local teams the future of TV revenue for the Rangers is unclear. This uncertainty of where hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue is going to come from is causing Rangers ownership to process the offseason with caution.

The Diamond Sports Group is quite literally costing the Rangers free agents.

They were reportedly part of the reason Texas pulled out of the Ohtani sweepstakes and it is being reported ownership is unsure whether to go all in to re-sign Montgomery. All because of the uncertainty of TV revenue. All because Bally Sports refused to make their network easily accessible for local fans.

So Bally Sports along with Diamond Sports Group; here is a big lump of coal courtesy of Dallas sports fans.

Naughty: Martin Maldonado

This guy is just the worst. He got personal with Marcus Semien, called for Adolis to get hit in game 5, and claimed the worst thing the Rangers did was "wake up the Houston Astros." That was before losing games 6 and 7 at home by a combined 14 runs.

Maldonado sure does a lot of talking for a guy who has not hit above the Mendoza Line (.200) in three years, has a career batting average of .207, went a combined 2-16 in the ALCS against the Rangers, and accumulated 0.2 WAR in 2023. 0.2. I really should put Dusty Baker on the Ranger's nice list for continuing to put Maldonado in the lineup.

Just the sheer idea of this guy acting like he can do any talking is laughable and now finding himself on the free agent market, I highly doubt we will see Martin on a major league roster next season. He rubbed Ranger fans and players the wrong way all last season taking guys having fun after hitting massive home runs personally.

Having his, and the Astros, season end the way it did with Adolis Garcia of all people delivering the final daggers. It was poetry is its finest form.

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