What, If Anything, Can be Done After Yet Another Cowboys Collapse?

As Dallas enters the 2024 offseason a few weeks early for the 28th straight season, the organization has more questions than answers.
Dallas Cowboys fans watch their team during the fourth quarter of the wild card playoff game Sunday,
Dallas Cowboys fans watch their team during the fourth quarter of the wild card playoff game Sunday, / Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Well that happened.

The ultimate collapse and now the Dallas Cowboys enter the 2024 offseason in dissaray with a ton of questions.

Will Mike McCarthy be back? Does Dan Quinn take a head coaching job, and is that a bad thing for Dallas? What, if anything, needs to be done with Dak's contract? And many, many more.

After the game, Jerry Jones was "floored," by his team's performance and continues to decline to comment on any future questions regarding the team. But as we move further away from this disaster, questions are begging to be answered.

The primary question is whether or not to bring back McCarthy. Three straight 12-win seasons all finishing with dissapointing playoff showings has fans, and the owner, getting impatient. When asked about McCarthy's future, Jones has not confirmed that he will be back coahcing in the final year of his contract.

Jones said following Week 18, "We'll see how each game goes in the playoffs," regarding his coach's future.

"Jerry Jones never expected to be in the position he is in today," Adam Schefter said on 'The Pat McAfee' show on Monday. "People have said to me during the season that Mike McCarthy would be judged on how the last game goes for Dallas."

The only possible way McCarthy would not be back in 2024 would be if he got embarrassed in the playoffs, and that is exactly what happened. Getting dismantled at home against a team you were 7-point favorites over may be enough for McCarthy to get the boot.

The only thing that is clear heading into the offseason, is that changes need to be made in Dallas. The Cowboys are the only home team to lose during wild card weekend and became the first team in NFL history to win 12 games in three straight seasons and fail to make a conference championship.

One things for sure, something needs to change. and it can't be the quarterback due to his contract.

Like it or not, Prescott will be this team's quarterback next year, and more likely the new handful of years. As he should be. The offseason extension talks may have taken a hit with another sub-par playoff performance, but Dak is locked for at least another year.

Regarding Quinn, it may be time for him and the Cowboys to move on. Playing six defensive backs on 48 out of 54 snaps against the Packers is inexcusable -- especially with the way the game was unfolding with Aaron Jones taking over.

That, and Green Bay wide receivers averaged 5.4 yards of separation per completion.

If Quinn wants to take the Seattle job go right ahead. HIs defense has been front runners all year long and could not respond to adversity whatsoever. The moment Dallas went down 14-0 it was over and the defense made that clear.

The only real known going into the offseason is that something has to be done. And what, if anything, can be done to push this team over the hump is just so unclear at this moment.

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