Where Does CeeDee Lamb's 2023 Rank Among Greatest Receiving Seasons in Cowboys History?

We just witnessed an all-time performance in CeeDee Lamb's 2023 regular season. Solidifying himself among a names like Pearson, Irvin, Bryant, Owens, and Hayes; Lamb is climbing the ranks in the Cowboys Franchise.
Nov 30, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (88) celebrates during
Nov 30, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (88) celebrates during / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that CeeDee Lamb established his elite wide receiver status with the regular season he posted. Lamb was easily a top 2 pass-catcher in the NFL and an Offensive Player of the Year candidate.

Capped off by a 227-yard performance against Detroit and a 2-touchdown showing in the nation's capital; What Lamb not only put up one of the better seasons by a Dallas Cowboys pass-catcher of all time but solidified the legendary #88 on his back.

The incredible season got us thinking, Lamb's 2023 campaign may be the best in a Cowboys uniform. Buy what exactly is its competition and what are the top 3 seasons by Cowboys wide receivers of all time?

Greatest Receiving Seasons in Cowboys History

3. Dez Bryant (2014)

Dez Bryant was one of the major faces of the 2010-era wide receivers who totally changed the game. Alongside names like Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Julio Jones, a surge of future-Hall of Fame wideouts ushered in the pass-heavy era we have today.

In a run of incredible seasons, 2014, as I see it, was Bryant's best.

Posting 1,320 yards on 88 catches is great, but two numbers stand out the most. Dez averaged an astounding 15 yards a catch and posted a Cowboys record and NFL best that season 16 touchdowns.

There have been better season in terms of yards or catches. But the 16 touchdowns puts this one at #3 on the list.

2. Michael Irvin (1995)

In the midst of the Cowboys' dominance in the '90s, The Playmaker had what could have been considered the best season until Lamb came along.

Irvin put up 1,603 yards on 111 catches in 1995, which were both career-bests. He averaged over 100 yards a game for the only time in his career, and his 10 touchdowns were a career-best mark as well. In terms of yards, catches, and yards per game Irvins's '95 season trails only one; 2023 CeeDee Lamb.

For a long time those reception, yardage and TD totals were the best in Cowboys' history, and he did it in a fairly run-heavy era of football.

1995 was The Playmaker's best season of his Hall-of-Fame career and was the final Super Bowl for the dynasty that was the 90's Cowboys.

1. CeeDee Lamb (2023)

Even at first glance it becomes obvious that we just witnessed the best season ever from a Cowboys wideout.

Lamb's final stat line for the 2023-24 season was as follows; 135 receptions (led the NFL) for 1,749 yards, caught 74.6% of targets, and averaged 102.9 yards a game. He recorded just 6 drops all season long and Dak Prescott had a 124.3 passer rating when targeting Lamb.

Lamb's season ranks #1 in receptions, yards, and targets in franchise history. His 74.6% catch percentage trials only Jason Witten's 2009 season among players targeted over 100 times.

At just 24 years old, Lamb just made a statement that not only does he fill the shoes of #88, but is the next in a long line of legendary #88s wearing the blue star.

Of course, legacies are created in the playoffs and the potential of a Cowboys run could put this CeeDee season on a completely different level.

The Cowboys are +750 to win the Super Bowl, and if Lamb is an integral part of a title run it's not going to be long before we're talking about him as the Cowboys GOAT at wideout.

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