Why Has Dak Prescott Been Completely Forgotten in the MVP Race?

Dak Prescott was the best QB in all of football during the 2023 season. What has this gotten him in terms of MVP?
Jan 7, 2024; Landover, Maryland, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) smiles while
Jan 7, 2024; Landover, Maryland, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) smiles while / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dak Prescott was the favorite to win the NFL MVP. Coming off of a dominant win in Arlington against the Philadelphia Eagles -- a game where Dak put up the usual 271 yards and 2 touchdowns -- Prescott was the odds-on favorite.

Suddenly, Lamar Jackson is at -20000 to win the award according to FanDuel with Prescott at +1600. Lamar is just assumed to be the sure-fire favorite who''ll win the 2023 MVP. But are we sure it is this lopsided?

Lamar's final numbers are 3,678 yards, 24 touchdowns through the air while running for five more scored, and a season QBR of 65.1. Compare that to Prescott's 4,516 yards, league-leading 36 touchdown passes, and 72.6 QBR.

Overall, Prescott put up better numbers than "MVP" Jackson. The only argument for Lamar is two things, his ability to run the football and the fact that the Ravens are 13-3 and the 1-seed in the AFC.

In terms of Lamar's ability on the ground, the 821 yards and 5 touchdowns are impressive; but Dak's arm has been significantly better than Lamar's this season, making up for the gap Lamar's running creates.

Dak has thrown for almost 1,000 more yards, 12 more touchdowns, and has a passer rating (91.6) of over 30 points higher than Lamar Jackson's (60.4). That is all that really to be said: Dak was the best passer in the NFL in 2023.

MVP voters are completely overvaluing what Lamar's running ability brings to his MVP case. He does not have Dak beat in a single passing category with rushing yards and touchdowns being the only two cases he has over Prescott.

As for the second caveat. The 13-3 record, 1 seed, and dominating wins against the 49ers and Dolphins are all that is giving Lamar the edge. Dak lost to each of these teams, which ultimately ended his MVP case. Dak has the Cowboys as the 2-seed in the NFC and does have quality wins against Detroit and Philly; and if the defense holds up in Miami, I believe things would be different.

Again, Dak leading in virtually every statistical category, but Lamar going 13-3 and Dak going 12-5 adds up to -20000 to +1600 MVP race? I guess Lamar will win the 2023 MVP award, but he was not the best quarterback in the NFL this season.

Prescott is being disrespected for the season he put up and completely forgotten. ESPN's Dan Orlovsky had Josh Allen and his 18 interceptions above Prescott in his personal MVP voting. This tweet has since been deleted.

Whether it's because he wears the blue star, or that people are reluctant to put their bad opinion aside about Dak's abilities. The MVP race should without a doubt be much, much closer with potentially Dak being the slight favorite.

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