Picking CBs for the Dallas Cowboys Fits the Definition of Insanity


Since 2008, the Dallas Cowboys have drafted nine cornerbacks and all but one has been a failure (Orlando Scandrick in 2008). This begs the question, “Do the Dallas Cowboys even know how to draft a CB?”

Few will question, heading into the 2015 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys have a glaring need at cornerback. Whether the Cowboys retain the underachieving Brandon Carr or not, the position is extremely thin after Orlando Scandrick.

It’s only natural to peg the Cowboys as CB surveyors in the early rounds of draft, but given their sorted history – should the Cowboys just admit they don’t know how to draft CBs and skip it altogether?

"Einstein’s popular definition of insanity is as follows: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.*"

Note: Most experts agree this really was NOT an Einsteinism but rather a recently created saying (relatively speaking) that has been misappropriated to Einstein, Mark Twain, or Ben Franklin in order to gain traction. For more check out psychology today

Let’s take a look back at the many “failures” the Cowboys have had in recent years. Sporting a bust-rate that defies odds (89%), the Dallas Cowboys may just be better served using their draft picks on positions they actually know how to scout.

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Some may argue Mike Jenkins wasn’t a “failure” but I wholeheartedly disagree. His flashes of talent with Dallas were few and far between, and he was outplayed by lesser-skilled Cowboys players his entire time in Dallas. Yes, he did continue his career in the NFL after the Cowboys, but anytime you see a 1st rounder leave his original team with nary a fuss, you know that guy underachieved. I wouldn’t necessarily call Jenkins a bust, but I’ll label him a failure without pause.

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Most of the other draft picks never even competed for roster spots on the Cowboys they were so bad. B.W Webb hung on based purely on potential and draft status, and Morris Claiborne would have been cut years ago if he was a 7


rounder instead of a top 10 pick.

"It’s becoming all too clear – the Dallas Cowboys just don’t know how to draft CBs."

Maybe the Dallas Cowboys lack the ability to evaluate the position altogether. After signing Brandon Carr to that ludicrously high-paying contract, despite never playing like a #1 CB at any point in his career, total positional judgement has a right to be questioned.

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The Cowboys are on the cusp of Super Bowl contention and are at a point where one or two players could make the difference between losing in the Wild Card Round and winning a Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys cannot afford to miss with their top 2 picks this draft.

An 11% success rate is mindboggling poor for drafting a position with such a strong sample size. Should they roll the dice and draft a CB again, early in the draft? You know the definition to insanity right?

Will McClay has been gaining influence over the years. Is his increased input enough to tip the balance? Possibly. But with so many other needs wouldn’t it be wiser to focus attention on a position with a bigger success rate?

Perhaps the smarter move is to collect a multitude of undrafted options and try to “luck” into CB success. After all, doing the same thing over and over again isn’t working for them.

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