Draft Pick OT Chaz Green: How He Fits the Cowboys


In a bit of a head scratcher, the Dallas Cowboys passed over their obvious needs, to pick up LT Chaz Green in the 3rd Round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Here’s how he fits with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys have built up the best offensive line in football, so why on earth did they draft another offensive lineman? In one way or another, many of us asked this question. The Cowboys still needed a RB, they could still use an interior defensive lineman, they could use another linebacker, and a dynamic kick returner would be nice too. But don’t fret. The Cowboys know what they’re doing here…

The Cowboys know all too well they have their offensive line to thank for their success in 2014. With their 3rd pick in the draft, they took steps to protect that. The Dallas Cowboys lost swing tackle Jermey Parnell in the offseason, leaving the all-important backup position vacant.

Sure, the Cowboys have plenty of backup tackles, but none of them comfortably project to the left side. Should the unthinkable happen to Tyron Smith, this offensive line, and the Dallas Cowboys’ offense, loses its edge. Chaz Green fixes that.

Chaz Green has the raw skills to play LT. As most probably know by now, Green has a long injury history to go along with his natural ability. Players with professional LT skills don’t usually drop in the draft. If they do, it’s for a reason, and injuries are clearly his reason.

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Chaz Green has a short-term role as well as a long-term role with the Cowboys. In 2015, Green looks like an instant plugin at swing tackle. When speaking with the Cowboys’ coaching staff, he was told as much. This isn’t going to rule out competing at guard if needs be, but swing is clearly the goal for this season.

Long-term, Chaz Green can move in a couple different directions. Currently, he plays more like a fluid and athletic tackle who can stick with anyone (provided he keeps his focus, which he doesn’t always do). He’s not very powerful and will struggle as a run-blocker at RT and G. If he can stay heathy and add some weight in the process, that will open some doors, and eventually some holes. Working and developing in an NFL training program will do great things for a lineman like him trying to develop.

Doug Free and Ronald Leary have their spots locked down for 2015, but beyond that, who knows? Leary may be gone in 2016, and you never know when Doug Free’s going to regress…again. Staying healthy and adding weight will do wonders for the smooth-moving tackle from Florida.

So again, how does Chaz Green fit the Cowboys?

In 2015, he’s insurance for the most important unit on the Dallas Cowboys. In the future, this guy has starting right tackle written all over him.

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