Dallas Cowboys: Rediscovering the winning tradition

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - OCTOBER 20: A Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TEXAS - OCTOBER 20: A Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys front office is the key for this organization to return to its glory years of the 60’s-90’s.

Since the mid 1960’s, the Dallas Cowboys have been arguably the most polarizing sports team in the world. Think of the most loved hated teams in sports – Teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Celtics, Los Angels Lakers, Notre Dame football, Duke, UNC, UCLA basketball, Kentucky basketball, and Kansas basketball – and you’ll no doubt think of the Dallas Cowboys.

All of those aforementioned sports franchises were dominant long before the Cowboys inception, yet it’s Dallas dominating in popularity.

Dallas Cowboys Yesterday

That’s because Texx Schramm, the Cowboys first general manager and the architect of the modern day Cowboys, was ahead of his time.  His decisions yesterday are what made the Cowboys what they are today (he’s also the main reason the Cowboys colors are white, silver and metallic blue).

Fun Fact: Texx researched colors and realized the Cowboys’ colors stood out more on television and caught people’s attention-especially children.

Back in 1977 those colors caught the attention of a 5 year-old-boy in Raleigh, North Carolina and he’s been a fan every since. He saw future Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett score a touchdown against a team with a swirl on its helmet known as the Los Angles Rams. That year the Cowboys beat the Denver Broncos 27-10 in the Super Bowl and that little boy is a grown man, and Dorsett is his favorite Cowboys’ player.

One of the smartest things ole Texx did was hire Tom Landry from the New York Giants to coach the newly constructed Dallas Cowboys, and then Texx hired one of the best scouts ever in Gil Brandt. And from there, the trio drafted dozens of Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers. They played in several NFC championship games, and won two Super Bowls, with five Super Bowl appearances.

During those winning years, the Cowboys introduced the 40 times, recruiting at HBCU (Historically Black Colleges), and drafting track stars and turning them into stars-like Hall of Famer Bob Hayes.

Dallas Cowboys Today

In 2020, the Cowboys can bring back that winning tradition because they have the pieces to make it happen. Jerry Jones is the owner, his son Stephen Jones is the next man in charge who handles his father’s ego, Will McClay is great at finding talent, and Mike McCarthy is a Super Bowl winning coach that has coached three Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in Joe Montana, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers.

From the owner to the head coach, the Cowboys have people in place to make this organization great again and return to their winning ways. Yeah, Jerry is still the “Big Boss” that calls the shots, but Jerry leans on his son, and adheres to the sage advice of McClay.

Therefore, Jerry will not draft, sign, or trade a player without consulting with McClay and Stephen. And when he consults with Stephen, its mainly about appropriating money for a player.

Hence, why do you think quarterback Dak Prescott has not been signed to a long-term contract? It’s because of Stephen. Plain and simple.

McClay “the architect” knows talent 

Every since Will McClay has been in charge of selecting Dallas’ players (Leads both pro and college scouting), Dallas has consistently found Pro Bowlers: Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, DeMarco Murray, Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, Travis Frederick, La’el Collins, DeMarcus Lawrence, Randy GregoryEzekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, Blake Jarwin, Tony Pollard, and the entire 2020 draft class.

There’s no shortage of talent on this roster.

Whether its signing free agents (Aldon Smith) or making trades, McClay is involved heavily and his input carries so much weight that neither Jerry nor Stephen will sign off on a deal until McClay gives the thumbs up.

In other words, McClay is Gil Brandt 2.0, and serves in the same position as Brandt once did as Vice President of Player Pesonnel. Brandt is the reason the Cowboys of yesteryear won so many games and became America Team because they consistently had great players and great success, year in and year out.

McClay is replicating the same formula. The best proof is this year’s draft class. After Dallas let cornerback Byron Jones walk, McClay found his replacement in Trevon Diggs in the second round. Diggs was pegged as a first round talent that more than likely will be a Day 1 starter.

And who can forget CeeDee Lamb, Neville Gallimore, Reggie Robinson II, and Tyler Biadasz? This talented group of players joins an already impressive roster that was upgraded in the offseason. Consistently drafting good players is equivalent to the Alabama Crimson Tide recruiting 5-star players every year. This is the first layer of a perennial Super Bowl contender. And McClay is doing this at an high level.

Big Mac and the Joneses

Big Mac is a Super Bowl winning coach who has coached three of the best quarterbacks to ever grace a football field. Forget about his last subpar years with a Packers organization that had a QB who refused to listen and a GM that refused to add talent.

As the coach of the Packers, Big Mac dominated the NFC North and consistently had the Packers in the playoffs and playing in the NFC Championship game.

It’s pretty clear, with a better defense, Big Mac wins a few more Super Bowls in Green Bay.

Big Mac can do the same in the NFC East. Yep, he sure can because he’s an offensive minded coach who can match wits with the Cowboys biggest threat in the NFC East, Doug Pederson of the evil Philadelphia Eagles.

In fact, I’ll give Big Mac the edge simply because he’s been successful much longer and is in an organization that drafts elite talent on a regular basis (think McClay).

Besides winning games and a few Super Bowls, Big Mac’s main job is to make Dak Prescott even better. Imagine how much better Dak will be as a quarterback with Big Mac coaching him up, and Dak is coming off of a career year (My Gawd!).

Best believe Dak is the main reason Big Mac came to Dallas in the first place. The man knows how to coach up a good quarterback and the offense is absolutely loaded.

Big Mac is no Tom Landry, but he can play his role very well and take this historic franchise back to winning Super Bowls. And Big Mac can do that if….

Jerry and Stephen realize they have a Super Bowl winning coach and are just as patient with Big Mac as they were with Coach Clap-a-lot- Jason Garrett. Honestly, I see Jerry and Stephen using the Pittsburgh Steelers blueprint and keeping a good head coach as long as possible.

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Garrett was the longest tenured coach under Jerry, and Garrett was mediocre at best. Big Mac isn’t mediocre, and I legitimately can see Big Mac taking his teams to several NFC Championship games and winning some Super Bowls.

That’s not wishful thinking, but it’s the truth in an offensive, pass-happy league where points scored is key to winning. Jerry and Stephen are aware of this trend, and that’s why they hired Big Mac in the first place.

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So all Jerry has to do is continue to promote Dallas as America’s Team and talk into every microphone available. And Stephen can continue to slowly take over for his aging father.

The pieces are finally in place for the winning tradition to make a major comeback.