Dallas Cowboys Draft: Three First Round Options for Dallas

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Dallas Cowboys: Tasks at hand

Of course, there is still a long way to go in the season before we know where exactly the Cowboys will pick. This team still technically has a chance at the NFC East and the defense did play better against Pittsburgh. The offense without Dak has been pedestrian until this week, overall this is not a good team.

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Right now the Cowboys are “organically tanking” that is not intentionally losing games, but losing anyway. With the injuries and lack of depth and talent, the Cowboys are struggling to win games. Sure, there is still about half a season left, but things are not exactly looking up.

There will be a ton of discussion and free agency before we get too far down this road. But the discussion and planning should start happening either way. The Cowboys are in a unique position to draft at the top of the draft and it is always fun to talk about the draft. There are a lot of decisions to be made, but these are all directions the Cowboys could go if they maintain this position.

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What do you think the Dallas Cowboy should do? Are you interested in any of these three options or would you rather do something different? Who are you targeting and what’s your offseason strategy. Sound off in the comments!