Dallas Cowboys: This week’s game is pivotal for these three players

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Neville Gallimore, DT

Was the Pittsburgh game a sign of things to come or was it just a flash in the pan? That’s what Neville Gallimore needs to answer this week. Up until that game, Gallimore looked like a raw rookie who needed to work on his strength and technique. Last week he looked like a man possessed.

Before that breakout performance, he looked like a rotational piece, at best, for 2021. Looking forward, it seemed the Dallas Cowboys would need to find two starting caliber DTs in the offseason and would need to invest major resources both in the draft and in free agency.

Against the Steelers, Gallimore looked dominant. He looked like a legit starting DT and someone to build around. If he plays like that again he’ll fundamentally change the Dallas Cowboys offseason plans.

If they think they solved one of their starting DT spots with Gallimore, they can shift resources to other positions of need. Dallas is also in the market for two starting caliber safeties and a starting CB. It’s not going to be easy to fill all of these needs so any help Gallimore can give is greatly appreciated.

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The worry is that Gallimore’s performance was just a flash. Those familiar with his college tape know that he’s had flashes such as these before. Just because a light came on last week does not mean that light is going to stay on. That’s why this week is so important for Gallimore. If he can play consistently, he can lock down a starting spot for next season. If he reverts, Dallas will likely bring in a veteran starter AND draft a top-100 player. It would keep Gallimore buried in the rotation and potentially limit his growth and opportunities.

Each week is pivotal for Gallimore from here on out.

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Playing well is important to everyone on this roster but it’s especially important for these three Dallas Cowboys.